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Company Policy

Company Policy

Derived from the ARL Group Of Companies Philosophy, Mission and Vision, ARL Power Sdn Bhd hereby promise:-

  1. To open maximum job opportunities and internship placement for Bumiputera people and Malaysian citizen especially in Sabah and in Malaysia as a whole to learn, venture and understand the power plant operation and its business opportunities.
  2. To practice good faith and positive work attitude among employees in daily task.
  3. To always ready to help among the Group Companies to create a balance and positive cash flows to ensure the group sustainability.
  4. To belief in Allah’s promise for every fortune He granted and trust with his qada’ and qadar in facing every challenge and test in our daily business operation.
  5. To promote Islamic good deeds among employees to ensure employees’ loyalty, willingness, and trust to serve the Company better.
  6. To profit and develop our industry for ARL Power Sdn Bhd to achieve the international standard in good way despite preserving the nature and enhancing the environment

Quality Policy

Our company has the full commitment to deliver quality customer services to stakeholders to ensure customer satisfaction and the achievement of the company’s goals through the following means:

  1. We will comply with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.
  2. We will provide a safe, healthy and conducive working environment for our personnel.
  3. We will establish and review measurable quality objectives at all relevant levels within the company.
  4. We will communicate to all our personnel the importance of meeting customer requirements.
  5. We will strive for continuous improvement of our Quality Management system.
  6. We will provide adequate training to all our personnel so that they will perform their duties in a competent and professional manner.

The Management shall review this Quality Policy for continuing suitability at every Management Review meeting.


Occupational Safety And Health Policy Statement

The ARL Group’s Corporate Policy is to strive for excellence in all aspects of our operations. This also includes the Safety and Health of our People and our Properties, plus our interaction with and protection of our Environment.

Everyone of us therefore has an obligation and responsibility to take all reasonable and practical steps to prevent injury to our People, damage to our Properties and any adverse impact on our Environment. We must protect everyone working in the ARL Group of Companies and the general public from any exposure to risk to their health and safety.

To do this we must ensure that our facility are designed, operated and maintained to standards exceeding acceptable risk factors. We must foster and develop a Safe Working Culture amongst our People to prevent accidents. We aim for Zero Accidents.

At the same time, we must ensure that complete and precise Emergency Response Procedures are in place, so that everyone of us knows how to react to any possible Emergency, in order to minimize injury or damage to our People, our Properties and Our Environment.